Dreaming of Down Under as an economist? Passionate about economic analysis and contributing to the Australian economy? Then validating your economics degree in Australia is the first step to becoming an Economist Aussie!

Why Australia?

Australia offers a vibrant job market for economists, with opportunities in various sectors like government, banking, finance, consulting, and academia. Plus, Australia boasts a high quality of life, a safe and multicultural environment, and an enviable climate.

How to Validate Your Degree?

The validation process may seem complex, but don’t worry, this complete guide will help you at every step!

1. Choose Your Path:

    • SkillSelect: If you aim for permanent residency, your degree must be on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Economics is on the list, so you’re in luck!
    • Student Visa: If you wish to pursue a postgraduate degree in economics in Australia, you can obtain a student visa.

2. Find the Assessment Authority:

    • VETASSESS: Responsible for assessing the qualifications of economists.
    • CPA Australia: If you want to be a public accountant, you also need to be a member of CPA Australia.

3. Gather the Requirements:

    • Economics Degree: From a recognized institution.
    • English Proficiency: IELTS with a minimum score of 7.0 in each band.
    • Work Experience: Relevant experience in economics is recommended.
    • Additional Documentation: Official translation of degrees, letter of recommendation, etc.

4. Complete the Assessment:

    • Apply for Assessment with VETASSESS: Online or by mail.
    • Pay the Assessment Fee: Varies depending on the complexity of the assessment.
    • Provide All Documentation: Translated into English and apostilled.
    • Await Decision: Can take up to several months.

5. Obtain a Work Visa (Optional):

    • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189): Most common for economists.
    • Meet the Point Requirements of the Australian Migration System.

Useful Resources:


    • Start early.
    • Ensure all documentation is complete and correct.
    • If you have doubts, contact a migration agent or the assessment authority.

Start your journey towards a successful economics career in Australia!

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