Group 04 - Architecture and Building

Architecture and Building

Designing the Future with Excellence

At Ames Group, we recognize the significance of education in Architecture and Building, a field that shapes the structures of our world. Our programs in this category empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to design, construct, and innovate in the built environment.

Exploring the Landscape of Group 04 – Architecture and Building:

  • Architectural Design: Mastering the art of designing functional, aesthetic, and sustainable structures.
  • Construction Management: Developing expertise in overseeing construction projects efficiently.
  • Urban Planning: Contributing to the development and sustainability of urban spaces.
  • Interior Architecture: Crafting functional and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces.
  • Building Surveying: Ensuring compliance with building regulations and standards.
  • Landscape Architecture: Designing outdoor spaces harmoniously with the environment.

    For detailed definitions and classifications within the Australian education system related to Group 04 – Architecture and Building, please refer to the Australian Standard Classification of Education (ASCED) definitions

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    0400 - Architecture and Building - Crafting Excellence in the Built Environment

    At Ames Group, we're committed to nurturing future architects and builders through our comprehensive programs in Group 0400 - Architecture and Building. Whether you aspire to design iconic structures, manage construction projects, or shape urban landscapes, our education offerings are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this dynamic field.

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    0401 - Architecture and Urban Environment - Designing Sustainable and Dynamic Urban Spaces

    offering diverse programs to empower individuals to shape the built environment and contribute to sustainable, vibrant cities.

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    0403 - Building - Constructing Excellence in Construction and Development

    is dedicated to Building, offering a range of programs to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the construction industry. From project management to compliance, our education offerings provide a comprehensive foundation for a successful career in building and development.

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