Partner Visa
(Subclass 820 / 801)

Partner Visa for Australia

Embark on a Journey of Love: Partner Visa for Australia

Are you ready to join your Australian spouse or de facto partner on an unforgettable journey in the Land Down Under? The Partner Visa is your gateway to building a life together in Australia. Here are the key details you need to know:

Three Types of Partner Visas:

  1. Prospective Marriage Visa:

    • Ideal for those planning to marry their Australian partner.
    • Allows entry into Australia for the purpose of getting married.
  2. Partner (Offshore) Visa:

    • Designed for partners living outside Australia.
    • Two-stage process: provisional and migrant stages.
  3. Partner (Onshore) Visa:

    • Tailored for partners already in Australia.
    • Two-stage process: temporary and permanent stages.

Two-Stage Visa Process:

  1. Provisional and Migrant (Offshore Applicant):

    • Initial temporary visa.
    • Leads to a permanent partner visa.
  2. Temporary and Permanent (Onshore Applicant):

    • Initial temporary visa while in Australia.
    • Progresses to a permanent partner visa.

Benefits of Partner Visa:

  1. Unrestricted Working Rights:

    • Engage in work without limitations.
  2. Study Opportunities:

    • Pursue educational aspirations with study rights.
  3. Medicare Cover:

    • Access Australia’s healthcare system for your well-being.

Path to Permanent Residency and Citizenship:

  • The second stage of the partner visa is permanent, opening the path to Australian citizenship once eligible.
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Your Love Story Unfolds: The Partner Visa Journey

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Embarking on the Partner Visa journey is a step-by-step process, reflecting the commitment and depth of your relationship. Here’s a glimpse into how this journey unfolds:

1. Temporary Visa – The Beginning:

  • Partners meeting the legal criteria are initially granted a temporary visa.
  • This stage allows partners to live together in Australia and build a life while their long-term commitment is assessed.

2. Eligibility Period:

  • An eligibility period follows the temporary visa grant.
  • During this time, the relationship is further assessed to ensure its genuineness and stability.

3. Permanent Visa – The Next Chapter:

  • After the eligibility period, partners may be eligible for the grant of a permanent visa.
  • This marks the transition from temporary to permanent residency, solidifying your commitment to each other.

Accelerated Path for Established Relationships:

  • In cases of a long-standing relationship or having children together, the grant of the permanent visa may occur sooner after the temporary visa is granted.

Benefits Along the Way:

  1. Building Your Life Together: The temporary visa allows partners to establish their life in Australia.
  2. Continued Support: Unrestricted working rights, study opportunities, and Medicare cover provide support during the temporary stage.
  3. Path to Permanency: The eligibility period serves as a bridge to the permanent stage, securing your place in Australia for the long term.
  4. Fulfilling Commitment: For those in enduring relationships or with children, the path to permanent residency may be expedited.

Your Unique Journey:

Every love story is unique, and so is the Partner Visa journey. The process is designed to honor the authenticity and commitment of your relationship, ensuring that Australia becomes the backdrop for your shared adventures and milestones.

Your love, your story, and Australia – a beautiful journey awaits!