1103 – Personal Services – Nurturing Well-being and Enhancing Personal Care

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Course Description

Group 1103 within the Australian education system is dedicated to Personal Services, offering programs designed to nurture well-being and enhance personal care services. Individuals passionate about making a positive impact on others’ lives through personal services will find a diverse range of opportunities within this group.

Exploring the Landscape of Group 1103 – Personal Services:

  • Beauty Therapy: Providing beauty and wellness services to enhance personal well-being.
  • Hairdressing: Mastering the craft of hairstyling and salon services.
  • Optical Science: Focusing on eye care and optical services.
  • Dental Services: Covering various aspects of dental care and services.
  • Veterinary Assistance: Supporting veterinary professionals in animal care.
  • Rehabilitation Therapies: Engaging in therapeutic practices to aid in recovery and well-being.

Education Levels and Courses within Group 1103 – Personal Services:

  1. Bachelor of Beauty Therapy: Comprehensive undergraduate programs focusing on beauty and wellness services.
  2. Diploma in Hairdressing: Practical training in mastering the craft of hairstyling.
  3. Master of Optical Science: Advanced studies in eye care and optical services.
  4. Bachelor of Dental Services: Comprehensive undergraduate programs covering various aspects of dental care.
  5. Certificate in Veterinary Assistance: Training to support veterinary professionals in animal care.
  6. Master of Rehabilitation Therapies: Advanced studies in therapeutic practices aiding in recovery and well-being.

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Nurturing Well-being and Enhancing Personal Care—Enroll in Group 1103 – Personal Services and Make a Positive Impact on Others’ Lives!