Welcome to AMES Group – Where Dreams Take Flight!

Embark on your journey to success with the Australian Management and Educational Services Group (AMES Group), a beacon of excellence since 2007. At AMES Group, we don’t just provide services; we sculpt dreams into reality.

Why Choose AMES Group?

🌏 Global Expertise

Offering a diverse array of services, AMES Group specializes in providing top-notch education services to international students and professionals. Our global footprint extends to the Philippines, Indonesia, Lebanon, Laos, and Egypt, and we're expanding into South America, Central America, and across Europe to serve aspiring individuals worldwide.

🌐 Credible, Dependable, Affordable

Over the years, AMES Group has evolved into a reputable and dependable migration and education agency in Australia. Our satisfied clients have not only vouched for our credibility but also spread the word globally, attracting inquiries from various corners of the world.

🎓 Quality Education in Australia

At AMES Group, we believe in fostering skills and transforming aspirations into achievements. Our seasoned migration consultants and skilled education counselors, with years of experience, meticulously guide students and professionals. We are dedicated to ensuring that your Australian education enhances your skills and makes you career-ready.

🤝 Comprehensive Services

Beyond education, AMES Group caters to skilled professionals seeking to settle, migrate, and experience the vibrant Aussie life. Additionally, we provide invaluable assistance to businesses and individuals in accounting and taxation matters.

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Our Vision: Transforming Dreams into Reality

At the heart of AMES Group is our founder, Ossama Abdellatif, affectionately known as Sam. With a multicultural team, Sam leads the charge to help people realize their dreams and lead fulfilling lives. Originally an accountant in Egypt, Sam’s personal journey of studying in Australia and overcoming hurdles to practice accountancy inspired him to create a platform for international students to achieve their aspirations.

Sam’s Philosophy: “The goal is to help people achieve their dreams and change their lives… for the better.”

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