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Why with Amesgroup?

Australian Management and Educational Services Group (AMES Group) offers a wide range of services to its clientele and has been in the business since 2007.  We provide education services to international students and professionals. We help them reach their desire to develop their skills by having quality education in Australia.  We also cater to skilled professionals who want to settle, migrate and experience the Aussie life. Moreover, we cater to businesses and individuals who need help in their accounting and taxation.

The core vision of the company is to help international people reach their dreams. We have qualified migration consultants and skilled education counsellors who are in the company for years. They mentor the students and professionals meticulously. We want the students to have an Australian education that enhances their skills and make them career-ready. We do this by ushering them to our partner universities and colleges that are known to provide quality training. After their studies, AMES Group guides the students and professionals for the right visa for their chosen pathway.

We are proud to say that, over the years of providing service, we have become a credible, dependable and affordable migration and education agency in Australia. The good word our satisfied clients gave us has reached interested students from the different parts of the world. We opened offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Lebanon, Laos and Egypt to cater to the students’ concerns and to make their transactions easier. We are now opening branches in South America, Central America and across Europe because of the clients making inquiries from there.

The goal is to help people achieve their dreams and change their lives… for the better” – Sam

The founder and the heart of AMES Group, Ossama Abdellatif or Sam, leads a multicultural workforce with a vision to help people reach their desire to live a good life. He was an accountant in Egypt. He came to Australia and studied in a college to have his qualification recognized. With hard work, he was able to get his license to practice accountancy. But instead of creating a company solely for accounting and taxation, he decided to venture into helping international students achieve their dreams. Sam knows what it is like to dream and aspire for a good life, now that he has reached it, he wants to show the way.